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Varilux X Progressive Lenses― The Next Generation of Vision is Here

Varilux X Progressive Lenses Now Available at Grand River Eye Care in Waterloo, ON

Grand River Eye Care in Waterloo On, is really excited to announce that we are now the exclusive Waterloo and Kitchener optometrist to dispense the very latest generation of Varilux lens, the Varilux X.

Varilux X has revolutionized how a progressive lens is designed and takes into account how much activity now takes place within arm’s length. The Varilux X lens is manufactured in a way that dramatically improves the volume of vision in this area to enable you to enjoy a much wider and deeper viewing area within arm’s length whilst retaining the dynamic vision for long distance.

Fully Customized for how YOU use them

Our Waterloo optometrist will improve the design of the lens even further by personalizing it with physiological and behavioral measurements to give you a truly amazing lens made uniquely for you. To do this, our eye doctor in Waterloo will use VisiOffice and an iPad, which takes digital measurements of how the frame fits you, your posture, how you move your head and how you read.

We have the exclusive ability to prescribe this lens in Kitchener and Waterloo. There is no other eye doctor in Kitchener and Waterloo with the ability to have this custom lens created.

For anyone who currently wears progressive lenses, or for those who should but have been leery of trying them, this lens is a complete game changer. The vision you will experience is phenomenal. We invite everyone in to learn about this amazing technology! Book an appointment with a Waterloo Optometrist at Grand River Eye Care today!

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