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Fun Around The Office

The 2017 Office Christmas Party―Time to Throw the Axes

Group Axe Throwing ― Chopping Away what's left of the year @ Practice Christmas Party 2017


It's Jan and Robin's turn...

Jan and Robin throwing axes

Now Kerry's rearing up...

Kerry throwing axe

Now it's Krystal's turn!

Krystal throwing an axe

...and finally Sandy going in for the kill!

Sandy throwing an axe

Meet Mr. Elastic!

Mr. Elastic started as one tiny rubber band and has grown over the past five years. He joined the team along with his creator Cheryl in November 2015. Mr. Elastic is now part of the Grand River Eye Care family. An important member of our team, he takes part in all activities around the office.

You might see him greeting patients, waiting in the waiting room, having his ‘eyes’ examined, or browsing through our terrific frame lines.

Your next eye exam might start like this: Do you see Mr. Elastic? Do you see him now?

After meeting with Mr. Elastic you may want to read our FAQs here

frog and elastic